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Sodium Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES 70%)

Category:Anionic Surfactants Series
Molecular Formula: RCH(SO3Na)COOCH3       

                                     R: C16-18  alkyl

Technical Data Sheet

1.   High effect surfactant produced by natural plant and animal oil and fat.

2.   Emulsification, wetting, softening, anti-hard water.

3.   Good solubility, biodegradable ability.

4.   Little irritation to skin.

5.   High frothing ability, especially in hard water, it’s frothing ability is better than LABSA and SLS.


Appearance , 25

Yellowish paste

Total active matter, %


Petroleumether-soluable substance, % (relative to 100% active matter)


Disodium salt, % (relative to 100% active matter)


Color, Hazen (5% Am (1+1)ethanol aqueous)


pH value (25, 1% Am. aq.sol)



1.   With good decontamination ability, especially under the existence of non-phosphor agent, it is suitable for

       confecting low-phosphor and non-phosphor scour.

2.   It has high dispersing power of calcium soap, used as the active matter and disperser of calcium soap in soap,

      compound soap and soap powder.

3.   It can improve and adjust the viscosity of paste detergent and washing powder slurry.

4.   The liquid detergent confected with it has high cleaning power and good low temperature stability.

5.   It is also applicable in many industrial fields, such as emulsifier agent of plastic industry, release agent of rubber

      product, dyeing agent, pigment, dye of printing and dyeing industry, wetting agent and dispersant of agricultural

      chemicals, etc.







MES 70%

160Kgs/plastic drum





Stored in cool , ventilated and dry place, kept away from sunshine and rain.

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