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Efficient Antiseptic

Category:Preservative Series

Other Name: 2 - Methyl -4 - Isothiazolin-3 – One 

                         5 - Chloro-2 - Methyl - 4 - Isothiazolin-3 - One

Molecular Formula: C4H5NOS & C4H4ClNOS

Technical Data Sheet

1.   A general-purpose, efficient antiseptic; raw material of best choice for cosmetics, detergents and other products


2.   The active ingredient is an isothiazolone compound, the active substance content of not less than 10%,excellent

      sterilization ability, with less.

3.   Mild action, long duration, low price, easy to use.

4.   At the appropriate concentration ,safe, non-toxic to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes without stimulation.

5.   Raise a certain amount of hepatitis B virus inactivation effect.



Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid

Active matter, %

10 Min


Pale yellow to amber

pH value



1.   Mainly be used as preservative in shampoo,fixature,baby shampoo ,surfactant and cosmetics.

      The recommended dosage:

      ①Cosmetics: solution or emulsion, sterilization volume by 1 ‰ of the total cosmetic or less than 1 ‰; antibacterial

      cosmetics of the total volume by 0.5 ‰.

      ②Detergent agents: tableware or industrial cleaning agents in accordance with their total of 0.5‰ to 1‰ join.

      ③Antiseptic soap: 1% of total added soap, that there is sterilization, in addition to hepatitis B virus inactivation

      also have some effect.

      ④Topical agents: the total amount of 0.5‰ to 1‰ to join, can have excellent antibacterial agent, the bactericidal

      effect; if 1‰ to 5‰ the better.

2.   All kinds of packaging containers, equipment, environmental disinfection.

3.   Can’t be used in the products which may touch mucous directly.


1.   Due with less, should be used with stir to uniform.

2.   It is slightly acidic, pH <10 medium used, don’t contact with strong alkalis.

3.   Best adding temperature is below 60℃; if must have high temperature phase, the residence time above 60℃ not

      more than 2 hours.

4.   Pure liquid has high concentrations,in case accidentally spilled on the skin and eyes, please rinse with plenty of

      cold water to avoid allergies and burns, if necessary, please seek immediate medical attention.


N.W.:50kgs/ plastic drum / iron drum

N.W.:0.5kgs/ plastic bottle,10kgs/ plastic box

N.W.:2.5kgs/ plastic bottle,10kgs/ plastic box


Stored in dry and cool place, kept away from sunshine and rain.

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